Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Galactic Exchange Early Adopter Program

  • The Galactic Exchange Early Adopter program is an incentive for early users of the ClusterGX platform
  • Early Adopters will be allowed to deploy ClusterGX Premium Edition (which includes unlimited cluster scaling) at ZERO cost for the lifetime of the cluster (as sized on the date of the program termination.)
  • In addition to ZERO lifetime Premium Edition cluster costs, Galactic Exchange will provide free telephone support during the program and for an additional 3 months after the program termination. This is in addition to the standard email and forum support
  • You must register your cluster for the Early Adopter program before the program termination date. You can register here
  • When the Early Adopter program ends, whatever cluster node count is in place will remain free of charge forever. Any additional nodes added after the program ends will be charged at the standard Premium Edition rate.
  • The program applies to a single cluster. Additional clusters will be charged at the standard rate. The largest cluster at the time the program ends will be free.
  • If a client ever wishes to upgrade to the ClusterGX Enterprise Edition, a credit equivalent to the value of the Premium Edition will be applied to the Enterprise Edition charges.
  • Clients agree to allow Galactic Exchange to show the client company logo as a ClusterGX customer on the Galactic Exchange web site – no other marketing rights or activity will be assumed without the express permission of the client.
  • Galactic Exchange reserves the right to terminate the Early Adopter Program at any time and without notice. At the time of termination, registered Early Adopter clusters will be grandfathered in as lifetime Premium Edition clusters at zero on-going cost (based on the cluster size at the time of termination).
  • To register, all sections of the Early Adopter registration form must be accurately completed.