Build a stellar partnership with Galactic Exchange

Galactic Exchange is one of the few Big Data companies committed to working through a partner reseller network.

We work with a broad range of organizations to deliver our technology and solutions to businesses on a global basis.

We aim to be a company which is ‘easy to do business with’. We have a simple and transparent partner program (The Stellar Partner Program) which provides tools and information to help you be successful in promoting Galactic Exchange technology and services.

Upon joining the Stellar Partner Program you will be provided with your Galactic Exchange Partner Identification Code (your “GXID”). Your GXID is used to link deployments of Galactic products to your business, ensuring that future end-user account activity is associated with your business.

Applying to join the Stellar Partner Program is very easy. Select the “Apply” button below and complete the short application document. We will confirm your Program membership by email within a few days.